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Chidori & Sousuke

August 2010



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Aug. 22nd, 2010

1x01 Rose

Full Metal Panic

The FMP saga has finally come to its conclusion... what a ride after soooo many years.  Yes, this deserved it's own LJ post! lol 

Jan. 19th, 2004

Chidori & Sousuke

Just letting you all know... again... :P

I need you guys to add sazzrah_feedme to your friends lists, NOT sazzrah Mm'kay?

sazzrah  is NEVER updated (ignore the fact that this very post is a contradiction in itself) I'll just use this account to randomly annoy/confuse you all from time to time. However!! sazzrah_feedme is a feed (it rips my posts from my REAL blog (which is here www.digital-memoirs.net) and posts them on livejournal.)

So basically... adding sazzrah as your eternal friend means you will miss out on the fantastic adventures of SAZ! Yes, I can hear the shocked gasps of horror from here, I know you don't want to miss out on such an enriching, insightful journey into the life and times of an emotionally retarded 21 yr old.
Thats a joke... I think.
To avoid such a disaster add sazzrah_feedme to your friends list. This is the only way you will be notified of my posts in my real blog-- digital-memoirs.

Are we getting this people? I wanna hear HELL YES!
Also, cookies go to black_rose and joeykun for already doing this. I salute your superior intelligence. *salutes*

Jan. 4th, 2004

Chidori & Sousuke


OMG! YES! I'm actually posting something on LJ... *crazed gasps followed by a series of thuds* Um... so yeah everyone else who is still concious... *drum roll* I HAVE A BLOG!

Uhh... a blog other than this one. eh... Well anyway, I'm only gonna syndicate using Livejournal so I want you lil biatches to update your buddies and give your love to: sazzrah_feedme </span>

Yes, cleverly named sazzrah_feedme. It's an rss feed...
Feed me?

Bleh, aaaaaaaanyway... Muchos gracias goes to grandlarseny for being such a fantabulouso bud and giving me a paid account allowing me to create the feed so I can blog from the recesses of my own webspace with my pretty Inuyasha-stylee website. Digital-Memoirs

Now I demand you come to my site and read about my only slightly interesting life... or die.
(I have no way to enforce this threat, but it sounds good.)

P.S. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... leave the water on the splash page (no pun intended) alone! JUST CLICK ENTER DAMNIT!

May. 12th, 2003

Chidori &amp; Sousuke


"Lauren is so great. I'm sorry, her greatness just overwhelmed me and I had to express it digitally."